DirtyCoins appeared on the market since the beginning of 2017, DirtyCoins carries the power of a local brand full of personality with leading fashion products. DirtyCoins is essentially a clever way of integrating the birth of the brand. .

Originating from Yars, Dirtycoins appreciates the value of blood money, the fruits of sweat, dirt and tears. With their charisma, Dirty Coins have become a symbol of strong, bold, and widely popular fashion. Dirtycoins offers a unique perspective not only on lifestyle but also on modern clothing gout. Dirtycoins is aware of the growing needs of the Vietnam Streetwear market. The fashion items at Dirtycoins are designed with a combination of Asian and European cultures, creating a unique and new style. Besides, with the break from black and white tones, the main color of most Streetwear fashion lines, the fashion models at Dirtycoins have many rich colors. This is how Dirtycoins brings value to the young streetwear-loving community, encouraging them to be adventurous in their dressing sense. With a bold personality, not afraid to take risks, Dirtycoins gradually expands the market during the development of branches nationwide, bringing a very unique culture of Dirtycoins.


ss: SN 53-55 Nam Dong street, Dong Da district, Ha Noi,100000, Viet Nam

Email:[email protected]

Working time: 9am – 6pm from Monday to Friday; Saturday: 10am – 5pm

Hotline: +84 345680886

Liability: Happiness Media and Lifestyle Co., Ltd
Business Registration Number: 0109644517
Register On : 24/05/2021

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